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Why did every country, even now China congratulate Joe Biden on winning the election but only Russia hasn't acknowledged him as the winner?

Is it a christian solidarity thing?
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Red500 · 41-45, M
Has America congratulated him yet?
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@67525,Red500] can you answer the question, why just Russia?
Valdaine · M
Well it's no secret why China congratulated him.
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@573519,Privatehell] they were late to do so, why is Russia the only one that isn't?
Valdaine · M
[@1167815,Laura4christ] not sure, maybe they don't want to blow their cover?
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@573519,Privatehell] seems crazy that only Russia is helping the Republicans, what a friend to have
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tenente · 90-99, M
it's a politics-is-bullshit thing
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
Cause Russia Loves Trumpn
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
Russia wants to sow discord in the US. The more political instability there is in a hegemonic competitor, the more that they stand to gain from new business contracts, new military alliances, and new economic trade partners from countries and companies seeking to gain a more reliable ally.

They have been masters of propaganda since the days of the Cold War because they cannot compete with the US either economically or in armed conflict. Creating chaos through disinformation is the only way they can punch up in a politically advantageous way.
firefall · 61-69, M
Orthodox Christianity standing solid with evangelical protestants? Are you mad?

or do you mean standing solid with an admitted fraud and rapist like the most recent President?

No, it's because Trump was Putin's puppet*, and Putin sees no value in acknowledging his defeat until the latest possible moment.

*if you doubt that, examine the US foreign policy actions for the last 4 years and ask, cui bono?
Tres13 · 51-55, M
Cause Biden is President of nothing
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@476434,Tres13] why are the Republicans and the Russians alone in thinking that tho??
Tres13 · 51-55, M
President is in the White House Joe is in the Basement [@1167815,Laurasmodest]
it's just trying to make us believe Biden won. even Mexico knows what's going on. they will wait until it's official.

Putin is no swamp leader either so he'll wait. Japan haven't yet. the Philippines haven't yet.

For those who congratulate Biden are Globalist leaders. they are close connections with Obama and Biden so it's no surprising.
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@1137758,UnderLockDown] they acknowledge the result of the election, recognition is very important. There are even countries who say they're independent but ''it's not recognised by anyone''. All important countries have validated the US election and recognised Biden as the winner in a dispute this unambiguously supports the Democrats. Not acknowledging it inherently supports Trump because at this point him and his party is the only one claiming they won the election (or that there's a chance they will win the election). So Russia is providing the very best help they legally can - by saying hey Trump is still in the game. But why is Russia helping the Republicans. I thought Republicans were supposed to be the enemy of Russia.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
[@1167815,Laurasmodest] You really don't research anything, do you? Stop watching mainstream media and actually watch real news some time. You'll learn a lot more that way. This is why our media is poison. All they do is cause gullible and low information voters to believe unproven conspiracy theories. The whole Russiagate thing was fake news. Even people who claimed on camera they had evidence, behind the scenes when asked, they even admitted they had no evidence. Pics or it didn't happen.
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@711771,Geno1996] What's this got to do with Russiagate, I'm just surprised Russia alone is on the side of the Republicans.
Viper · 31-35, M
Because Russia knows Trump has gone out of his way to impress Vladimir Putin as that's Trump's man crush. Trump has defended Russia, even as Russia was allegedly putting price tags money on American soldiers heads.

Trump has been more willing to verbally defend Russia than he has been willing to verbally defend America. So Russia of course would like Trump to stay around.

While Biden, like most of international American Government doesn't care that much for Putin.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Putin is no fool, he can see the election fraud even if many Americans can't.
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@1137758,UnderLockDown] looks to me like they've got a favourite
[@1167815,Laurasmodest] 🤷‍♂️ You think China doesn't?
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@1137758,UnderLockDown] yeah Xi and Trump were really friendly
nedkelly · M
How the hell it is a Christian thing to do?
Laurasmodest · 18-21, F
[@5946,nedkelly] just trying to understand why of the important countries, Russia is the only one thats helping the Republicans
[@5946,nedkelly] it's common when they're young and don't even know what's going on
nedkelly · M
[@1167815,Laura4christ] It make be the right thing to do, just mutual respect
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Let me see... Putin invested a lot of time and effort into putting Trump on the throne?

Am I close? 🤣
Wolf90 · 31-35, M
If I had to guess it would be because Putin is trying to exacerbate the division in the country. This one doesn't take any effort either... all he has to do is sit back and watch the turmoil and hope it keeps going
Viper · 31-35, M
Because Trump is still working for Russia
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
I meant he didn't even win yet. Nobody was certified as the president yet. I don't care what the mainstream media says. They do not get to decide who won. It never was up to them. It's up to the electoral college. Certification doesn't happen until December 14th. I'm not saying Trump is guaranteed to find a way through the courts despite that he does have a path to victory he can take with what he's doing right now. Not saying that. But I am saying the path is there and that nobody in the media should've claimed to call the election, because they don't have that authority at all. They can make projections of who they think will win, but that's one thing. They're all jumping the gun here.
Viper · 31-35, M
[@711771,Geno1996] They're just doing what they have always done... and usually it's clear to tell who won, and just like this time, it's clear to see who won. As it was not a close margin.

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