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Why do we romanticize crime?

Take a look at all of the mob movies and TV shows about criminals. Narcos, Scarface, Oceans 11, etc. Why do we find crime so appealing?
It's hot.. And also mobsters are so handsome and badass.. 馃槖
Because "A guy follows the law" doesn't sound like the premise to anything anybody would ever watch.
Yeah? Was it better than watching your high school teacher cook meth or a Miami forensics nerd cut people into tiny cubes and throw them in the ocean?
Invisible22-25, M
You obviously haven't seen [i]Law Abiding Citizen[/i] 馃槀
You obviously [i]got me[/i].
Maybe because an average life isn't fun and it's related to an inner desire to break the law or something, why else would all the violent video games like GTA be so famous?
Learn how to construct a sentence dimwit and who is we ?
dunpender80-89, M
Who romanticised crime?
SW User
it appeals motivation of rebelion tours the defender by any personalities. Finance. Lay off or something.

Most importantly is personality that controls everything either any of them seems right. Everything is becoming Radical. some embrace Radical choices to lead them to a different unknown Direction following by their own promising Consciouness.
getmeouttahere31-35, F
I don't know but I have a huge crush on Red from The Blacklist.
Because we are stupid vain animals that find comfort in finding something 'lofty' in our most barbaric acts
Invisible22-25, M
Well put
twistermind46-50, F
I wonder the same. I can't believe how many women write to criminals in jail.
I guess there's a mixture of wanting to understand how people like us can do such horrible crimes and a way to sublimate our own dark side.
SW User
It's a chance to fight societal norms and let our inner psychopaths out. The Purge 馃槒

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