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We got reported to the HOA again today for weeds
But everything outside is covered in snow. 馃え there are no weeds visible (or even present, to my knowledge). Someone just hates us. F the HOA.
22-25, F
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Nov 15, 2019
ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
What's the HOA?
amelia2322-25, F
[@337880,ChasingBrainBros] home owners association
ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
[@814059,amelia23] sounds like a bunch of snobby arseholes?
amelia2322-25, F
[@337880,ChasingBrainBros] precisely
Is that not what you pay your HOA dues for - make them pull the weeds
[@814059,amelia23] yea -if you are renting you pay rent and the owner of the place pays the HOA dues I am assuming - what do you care if someone reports you ? you are just an innocent renter minding your own business and paying your rent on time - right ?
amelia2322-25, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] yes we鈥檙e good renters but if we don鈥檛 fix whatever we鈥檙e reported about they fine us, which adds onto our rent for the month, not to the actual house owners
[@814059,amelia23] OK - so exactly WHO is responsible for the maintenance of the outside - grass, plants etc....
Reaper854141-45, M
HOA is some of the most useless crap I've ever heard of these days.
Wow! Do you do weeds? 馃き馃槻
Another reason why i will [i]never[/i] buy a home that's part of an HOA..

I would never allow someone to dictate how i live in [i]My[/i] home..

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We got reported to the HOA again today for weeds | Community | Similar Worlds