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DONNA RENEAU. This person right here,
[image=] let's make her famous for being the sorriest human being in Arkansas right now. As Debra Stevens was swept away in flood waters in Fort Smith last week, this dispatcher did nothing but patronize and belittle her, as she slowly drowned. Debra begged for her life and for this dispatcher to help her.

Debra (woman who drowned): "Will you pray with me?"

Donna (dispatch): "No, you can pray and I'll listen.."

Debra: "Can I call my mom please so I can tell her I love her?"

Dispatch: "No, you need to stay on the phone with me."

Debra: "I'm so sorry ma'am I'm so scared!!"馃槩馃槩

Dispatch: "Well you're the one who drove thru the water.."

Debra: "when are they coming to help me?"

Dispatch: "Whenever they get there."

Debra "Ma,am, I think I'm going to puke,"

Dispatch: "well, go ahead and puke, you're in the water."

In the 911 recording that was released, you can hear Debra screaming at the end as she drowned..Did this dispatcher never think to telI her to unbuckle her seat belt or try to open the door and get out as the water was up to her neck? I pray this dispatcher has fallen to her knees and asked God for forgiveness for her actions. EVERYONE SHARE THIS!

In 2013, a "Vehicle in Floodwater" protocol was put in place by The Emergency Dispatchers Association. This puts responsibility on the dispatcher to have the caller follow 4 action points; Seatbelts OFF, Windows OPEN, Children RELEASED, and OUT of the car immediately. This dispatcher did none of these things and she very well could be held criminally liable in this case..
18-21, F
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Aug 31, 2019
HoraceGreenley51-55, M
They should shoot this bitch
TurtlePink18-21, F
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] and this is what they post a few days later after she died 馃槩馃槩馃槩 #NoRemorse [image=]

If you have the ability to help, but you use it to destroy instead, you're a worthless piece of shit.
TurtlePink18-21, F
[@4536,Alex1610] They must not give any tests to find compassionate, competent people there! Just hire any fat, stupid, ugly, bitter woman who walks through the door! Shame on them, and shame piled high and deep on that cruel, hateful bitch! How cold blooded can one person be?! This is haunting!
[@526179,TurtlePink] Too bad people can fake compassion to get the job.
Why is it that police dispatchers are giant wildebeests ? Every one that I have ever seen has had an ass that is so big it has its own zip code.
So what鈥檚 happening to her now? Lawsuit? Prosecution? Tell me they fired her ass at least
kentex3561-69, M
She should be held accountable. Why do people often of little authority feel like they got to use that minute authority to the nth degree usually at the worse time. Just to be somebody. This woman looks like she was in the movie Deliverance. The banjo player. Sorry that's an insult to the banjo player isn't it. You know what I mean. Man this angers me so much I really shouldn't talk. Forgive my insensitivity. I'll be back with a formal apology.
LvChris36-40, M
The woman said she couldn't swim. I made a post about this earlier, but let's be fair; that point isn't a good one to raise. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Okay! Now I want to drown her in the water. 馃槧
GerOttman61-69, M
Not the first time this has happened either. Smug bitch does nee to be forever famous! I hope that transcript follows her the rest of her ignorant life. It would make a great tattoo right across her ass.

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