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So let’s hear about that time that fatass Indiana cop pulled you over
What happened
26-30, M
26 replies
Mar 6, 2018
LyricalOne · F
He was annoying, kinda like an internet troll.
AyDiosMio · 26-30, M
[@638129,LyricalOne] look....i have a pen, a few quarters and a stick of chapstick in my pocket right now. That’s all i have to offer you, take it or leave it.
LyricalOne · F
[@697205,BoricuaEse] What flavor chapstick?
AyDiosMio · 26-30, M
[@638129,LyricalOne] it doesn’t have a flavor listed and i can’t pick a familiar one out. It’s blistex ultra hydration though, i advise everyone to get it for those cold winter days.
OnTheDL ·
It was a speed trap over the hill in Union County.
Rutterman · 41-45, M
Indiana wants me, Lord I can't go back there...
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] Lol. So I've heard.
I have to say that there are times when I truely miss the cornfields. I just want to see them and then turn around and leave. Something about them. I do miss them.I would rather live near the ocean though.Cant swim in the cornfields. Lol[@121363,Rutterman]
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] Might be problematic. Haha.
Mr. William Hill gave my first ticket as I was speeding down the road jammin to my tunes. He was hiding in the cemetery and clocked me going 52 in a 30. I got the ticket because it took several minutes to realise he was behind me. Lol The kicker was my dad said that night,”Some girl was flying down through town and Bill Hill was right behind her,” I was like,” was me trying to get to my eye doctor appointment.” 😂
AyDiosMio · 26-30, M
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] you had an eye doctor appt at night?
[@697205,BoricuaEse] no...I had the doctor appointment earlier that day and it was near my dad’s work. His co-workers must have seen me flying through town and told him about it. Lol
nedkelly · M
How I was suppose to know I was banging his wife - the bastard replied i will let you off the speeding ticket it you have her live with you, i replied keep booking me ya fat bastard

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