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They just said "Love you" here on SW
All warm and good inside
Okay....nice to know they care
Concerned.....questioning their motives
Scared....wondering if they're a stalker
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Hypothetical situation.
A SW friend msgs you often.You both chat on occasion. You've known him or her for a about two weeks. The last msg you get is "Hey....just wanted to let you know....I'm here for you and love you"

How does that make you feel?
31 replies
Sep 15, 2017
dumpstermeow · 36-40, F Best Answer
I've told a lot of people on here that I love them. It doesn't mean anything more than that I think they're awesome.
shakenama · M
[@492592,dumpstermeow] you see love in different ways?
dumpstermeow · 36-40, F
[@468660,shakenama] romantic love is only a small fraction.
shakenama · M
[@492592,dumpstermeow] absolutely
It would have little effect on me if put in a friendly way
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
It's a sweet thought, I suppose. Context is everything.
newgirl · 56-60, F
Two weeks? That seems a bit sudden to be professing love. I would think that is odd.
I duno. Thats hard cuz im overly loving buttt if it was somebody i only knew for 2 weeks id wonder why
Jackaloftheazuresand · 22-25, M
Sounds like a friend reaching out, I'm indifferent
elVato · 41-45, M
😑 Internet whack job.
Like them all.
Newstart77 · 41-45, F
The key phrase here is "on occasion".
Selah ·
Theyre just being nice i guess. I wouldnt take it personally
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
In that particular scenario, I would just think it's nice to know that they care. But for me personally, just knowing each other for two weeks while chatting only on a occasion is a bit too soon to be saying that mushy stuff, lol.
shakenama · M
[@27917,Carver] Right....but its like you's nice that they care. I think people get scared when people say that they "love" someone when they mean they care about them.
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
[@468660,shakenama] Hm. Well I personally have no problems telling my friends online that I love them back when they say it to me. I really do cherish and genuinely care about my friends on here to where I can say I feel an amount of love for them. I can't imagine why that would scare some people.

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