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I found something in Genesis 9 that debunks some racist interpretations...

Where when Ham sinned against Noah after the flood ended and the ark landed, some say that Noah cursed Ham, and some of Ham's descendants settled into parts of North Africa and Egypt, so hence some claimed that black skin was the curse, and Ham's descendants were destined to be slaves.

THIS is WRONG. Ham was NOT cursed by Noah, Ham had 4 sons, one of which was Canaan, and CANAAN was cursed, NOT Ham. Canaan's descendants settled into the Middle East and they somehow allowed things in for the giants to re-occur among their people after the flood, hence they became the Nephilim tribes in the land of what would become Israel, and were the ones that Joshua drove out when the Israelites went in to take the land. So hence this incident has NOTHING to do with the black race, that is a misinterpretation. I have even heard some preachers wrongly say that Noah cursed Ham, that is NOT what the text says, it says that Noah cursed Canaan instead of Ham. With biblical interpretation, DETAILS COUNT!!!
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we all are the same
SpiritualMan · 51-55, M
[@1077581,paperlace] True. What do you make of some thinking that Noah cursed Ham instead of Canaan, and that because some of Ham's descendants went into Africa they think we should be racist? First of all, Noah cursed Canaan, not Ham as a starting point.
Sharon · F
Facts are irrelevant. The bible can be interpreted to say whatever one wants it to say. Obviously any contradictory interpretation is just plain wrong. I expect some christian will soon be along to prove me right by claiming I'm wrong and misinterpreting the bible. ;)
Sharon · F
[@778667,SpiritualMan] [quote]but to get the clarity you need to study larger sections[/quote]
A lot of Atheists did, that's why they're Atheists.

[quote] but many, even in churches, don't like what it says because it goes against an agenda for church leadership[/quote]
Yet your "almighty god" is powerless to stop them misrepresenting "his word". Doesn't sound all that almighty to me.

[quote]Some passages have multiple layers to the correct interpretation, but some interpretations are wrong if the the explanation of a verse doesn't fit the context it is in.[/quote]
As I said, an "almigty god's word" wouldn't be open to interpretation, especially misinterpretation.
SpiritualMan · 51-55, M
[@379861,Sharon] God's power CAN override people's free will but God CHOOSES not to use His power to override free will. That God allows people to sin including misrepresenting the bible on purpose doesn't make Him less powerful, it is that He CHOOSES to give US free will to choose sin if we want to. We were never meant to be like robots for God to program us to take away our free will.

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