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Why have some in here been negative on my being a Christian and sex positive at the same time?
I did some deep research on what the bible says about sex. I came up with the list of sexual sins as: Adultery, defined as taking another man's wife, betrothed, and a "lesser" adultery, as taking another man's concubine, two men, sex with animals, sex with a dead body, period sex, coveting another man's wife or betrothed (which based on Greek and context I believe is the correct interpretation of Matthew 5:27-28, the Hebrew word for adultery LITERALLY means "to enter another man's wife", incest, including adopted relatives, sexual assault and rape, temple prostitutes (A BIG sexual sin, the Greek word for sexual immorality is "porneia", it means prostitution, but in the bible it is used to refer to temple prostitution and the rest of the list above), and sex with angels (Genesis 6).

People in the Old Testament had concubines and they were never told to repent of it by God.

So I believe what the bible says is and is not a sexual sin. Therefore it is not a sin to keep a modern version of a concubine you are not married or legally married to. I also travel in the spirit for sexual encounters with willing, living HUMAN women.

That many Christians may disagree with my views doesn't mean a thing. The bible is the source of my doctrine and beliefs. That some churches differ from what it teaches means THEY need to change, NOT me. I use rules of context and a little knowledge of Greek and Hebrew words to interpret the bible (I feel more accurately).

If millions of Christians misinterpret a bible verse because they yanked it out of context and attached a weird meaning to it, then those millions of Christians are wrong.
46-50, M
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Mar 15, 2019
Ladyred · 41-45, C
It's unfortunate that we have so mixed up religion vs. relationship. Pharisees are still a plague and freedom, pure, true unadultrated freedom is still available. Thank you for your bravery.
Ladyred · 41-45, C
I'm sorry people balk and get defensive over what they can't understand, but if your gonna do social media you have to let the haters flow off of you, otherwise you can not be all you were meant to be, or you can challenge the haters but why add that stress to your life?
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@645479,Ladyred] That is a good point, this guy, on a channel called Godrules on YouTube, put up several videos on the bible and sexuality, some with very deep scholarship. However, after a while he backed off probably because of a combination he said everything he had to say on it, and he was getting knee-jerk reactions from many Christians. Some agreed and said they were helped by his videos, but others had the typical knee-jerk reaction.

He traces the origins of the anti-sex attitudes among many churches back to St. Augustine and other church leaders that came on the scene after the Apostles were gone, and many of them were influenced by Gnosticism, of which some branches say we should enjoy no pleasure because the body and physical world is evil, and the spirit is good. Augustine actually taught, no joke, that the sex act ITSELF isn't evil to DO, but he taught it is evil to ENJOY it when you are doing it.

In earlier centuries of the church marriage was NOT a sacrament, (it WAS blessed when the Apostles ran the show), but after they were gone, it was NOT a sacrament, it took centuries. Until then the church preferred to let civil authorities perform weddings. Don't get me wrong, many of the things the church fathers said were great things, but mixed in was some really weird, goofy stuff. Part of also depended on who was saying it as well.

With Gnosticism, it gets even worse. What they believe, is that the God that created the universe in Genesis in 1:1 was a lesser god, called the demiurge, and that this god was below a higher God called the Logos that was more minded the things of the spirit. To them, the demiurge sinned when he created the universe. They consider Lucifer a hero because to them he FREED Adam and Eve by tempting them to eat the fruit. So basically Gnosticism is not only heresy, but also blasphemy. It is also VERY dangerous to consider all physical things evil and ALL spiritual things good. Satan and his fallen angels are "spirit". One a human level there is a lot of religion and spirituality that fits neatly into the "antichrist" category, including what some churches do.
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@645479,Ladyred] what I also noticed is that in general church leaders immediately after the apostles had better doctrines, but a few hundred years down the road, things got strange with some
Northwest · 56-60, M
I can't fuck an Angel? That's a fucking bummer. But you can keep a concubine, right?
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@9416,Northwest] well, if her DNA is human, then great
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@9416,Northwest] I mean what if a beautiful angel comes to you at night, but then suddenly she sprouts long fangs and drains your blood, or sucks out your soul. At least the sucking by a human concubine is more pleasant.
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@9416,Northwest] With how messed up US marriage and divorce law and courts are, I would HIGHLY recommend a concubine over making someone your wife in the US.
Ladyred · 41-45, C
What do you do with the scripture that says ( loosely translated) "do not say, we will not sin, but rather cry, Lead us not into temptation"
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@645479,Ladyred] That is very easy for me. In some biblical passages, it seems that the solution to temptation to sexual sin is to go SOMETHING ELSE sexual as an alternative to a sinful situation. For example, in ancient Greece, I looked it up, by ancient Greek culture MOST people were married. So you had your wife on one hand, and a temple prostitute on the other hand, which is a sin to go visit no matter what. So Paul said the solution to avoiding the temple prostitute would be to go with your own wife (contextually in ancient Greece). As for now when more people are single, you could be tempted by another man's wife, but you could find someone who is not married as an alternative, or if you were married, you could go to your own wife instead of another man's wife.

The choice isn't between being tempted by SEX, and trying to have NO sexual pleasure and pray to avoid SEX, it is to avoid sexual SIN.
SpiritualMan · 46-50, M
[@645479,Ladyred] I get that many people interpret temptation as beginning to feel sexual or turned on and avoiding temptation as not getting turned on. According to the bible says, the choice is more between doing a sexual sin, or doing something sexual that is not a sin.
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