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Do you think we justify people with our same sins - weaknesses?
Let's say... a liar justify another liar.

A person consumed by lust justify others like them.

Someone that is unforgiving will understand another like themselves. But perhaps that unforgiving person won't justify a liar

Because they feel it themselves.馃槉

I think it's human nature to simply... not being perfect, when one accepts that shadow side one is like more in control than when fight it. But it will be always easier to understand someone else if one experiments it
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Mar 19, 2018
DrWatson61-69, M
I think, when we see someone with the same faults as our own, we can be in a position to offer understanding and empathy -- but that does not necessarily mean we justify or excuse what they are doing. It can mean that, but it does not have to.
Novaturient8136-40, F
[@338282,DrWatson] Well said. Truth.
Jlhzfromep56-60, M
Interesting thought, I will think about this for a while
[@27856,Jlhzfromep] love your pic profile.

Yes I just like to see how people react to certain.. circumstances
Jlhzfromep56-60, M
[@536386,Calipri] .. that pic was taken right before I got in the water for a little scuba diving.

It is good to be curious
[@27856,Jlhzfromep] lovely. 馃挍
Holysmoke36-40, M
I wouldn't say that I do that. I mean it's nice knowing I'm not the only that makes mistakes and sometimes a person that has been through the same experience can be a source of comfort. But I wouldn't say that's me justifying what they did or trying to justify myself. More like survival through acceptance.
[@694773,Holysmoke] well but you wouldn't condemn them either
Holysmoke36-40, M
[@536386,Calipri] Of course not....that's where it becomes acceptance instead of justification. I know I'm not perfect, I know you're not perfect. We both take the wrong path sometimes and I think it's right we face the consequences. It's all part of learning how to be a person isn't it?
[@694773,Holysmoke] ok 馃槉
TeresaRudolph7146-50, F
I would agree with others here in that I sometimes take comfort in knowing that others have made some of the same mistakes that I've made, but that doesn't mean that we justify each other's mistakes. We just empathize. In fact, a very good friend of mine, who has made mistakes similar to mine and has suffered in a similar way as a result, has given me a good kick in the butt, more than once. I can't seem to bring myself to do the same for her. I'm too softhearted.
[@1351,TeresaRudolph71] hmmmm a way of acceptance... accepting something that is not totally right seems a way of empathetic justification of both.
[@1351,TeresaRudolph71] I mean both the other and me too.
[@1351,TeresaRudolph71] that doesn't mean I like that behaviour but I can't say anything because I am in the same situation, just understand
ladycae100+, F
i agree no one on earth is perfect and we all have a liar etc inside of us. but as Christians, we strive to not act on those behaviors and should certainly forgive anyone of those behaviors if committed against us. i disagree that you have to try all the sins in order to understand them. a case in point you don't have to murder someone to have compassion for them and to forgive them.
[@1119,ladycae] try? I never said one should try
ladycae100+, F
[quote] when one accepts that shadow side one is like more in control than when fight it. But it will be always easier to understand someone else if one experiments it[/quote]
[@1119,ladycae] hehehe but never said anything about trying every single thing, some things are more like innate. Like some people struggle with lust, others with hate and it's just what they feel. Hahaha you don't need to kill anyone 馃槅
CCMorgan46-50, M
I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual... I do believe in Karma. I also believe in not casting that first stone... I also believe that you can most times forgive but most times not forget... and I struggle sometimes with my own demons. But I always try...

This is a good post. Very thoughtful, and thought provoking... I see your logic :)
[@2159,CCMorgan] you are a very interesting gentleman. I love your posts.
As for me, I love to challenge people and see what others think
CCMorgan46-50, M
That is high praise, coming from you... and I thank you :)
I also enjoy your posts very much :)
You've got me thinking ;)
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