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It Should Be Illegal But Looks Like I's Not

Richard Alexander registered a company called Proclivity, in Delaware in 2019. The founder seems to have vanished and currently the company consists of a PO Box, in a UPS store in an Atlanta strip mall.

Two Florida PACs were on the same date and time --- October 2, 2020 at 11:34 am, according to Florida Division of Elections documents. They are connected to Republican political strategist Alex Alvarado. The PACS are each chaired by women in their mid-20s who appear to be newcomers to the political scene.

Sierra Olive, who is listed as chair of Our Florida PC, once shared an address with Emily Leiva, the woman with whom Alvarado currently owns a house, according to records. Olive posted a photo of herself and Leiva to Facebook in 2017 with the caption "favorite human."

One day later, on October 3rd, one of the PACs -- Our Florida PC -- got $370,000 from Proclivity; the other -- The Truth PC -- got $180,000.

Both PACs promptly sent the money, $550,000, to a printing company, owned by Alex Alvarado's stepfather and mother, and operating out of their garage.

That money went to produce flyers for three candidates in three separate Florida State Senate races.

These candidates expressed extreme liberal socialist view in these brochures, in districts where the race was really close between the leading Democratic candidate and the Trumpist candidate.

Problem is, none of these candidates exist. That is, they did not campaign, do not have a campaign website, do not have any published opinions. They do not exist. At least one of them was tracked down. Alex Rodriguez. He was a registered Republican. When a news finally tracked down his address, the guy who answered the door claimed Rodriguez was not there at the moment, but would be back tomorrow.

The news crew's cameras captured his face. It was Alex Rodriguez.

All three phantom candidates, captured enough votes to more than make up for the margin the Democrats lost by. In one case, by 32 votes.

Just like most of what Trump does, it does not seem to be illegal, but it's something decent and honest simply do not do. But then again, there's Trump and his supporters.

Post Trump we need to do a lot of cleanup, but one of the most important tasks I believe local, state and federal authorities should undertake, is to Trump-proof our laws and institutions. It's no longer sufficient to assume that people will always behave honorably. Welcome to the post Trump era of forcing decent/honorable behavior.

In the meanwhile, no one in Florida's Cuban-American anti-Castro (reminder: he died in 2016) GOP machine is interested in getting to the bottom of this.
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Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
Old people get tricked like this constantly.
Carla · 61-69, F
Of course they arent. I reckon manipulation isnt quite cheating. But it should be.
Trumpproof... has a ring.
Yes. I think it's very important we strengthen our election procedures. This can't occur again.
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
As an Aussie, I'm appalled at your voting system. Here, elections are run by an independent government authority. The same authority redraws the electoral boundaries as populations change, not the political party who's in power.
Yours really does need a good shakeup!
Northwest · M
[@516864,ozgirl512] It sure does.

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