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Trump or Hillary. Give me one reason you are voting for your candidate. NOT a reason you aren't voting for the other side.
Insults to the other candidate will be deleted. Post actual reasons that are based on the merits of your own candidate.
51-55, F
+ 1 33 replies 80 views Nov 2, 2016 |
Post yours. Let me hear.
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
My question is in regard to people's reasons for their choice. It's purpose is not to inform people on the candidate's platforms relating to foreign policy, socialized health care, budgeting, immigration, etc. I have already voted. I am not seeking a reason for my own choice here at SW.
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
A reason I'm voting for neither: I'm an illegal immigrant who can't vote lol. I'm rooting for Hilary. I'm not really too happy with her but at least I can identify some of her policies. I can't even name one thing Donald Trump plans to do as president, good, bad, or otherwise.
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
@BlueMetalChick: it takes a lot of research and many different sources to find something that appears valid. I don't have just one. I wish the media was reputable and legit but they aren't worth the time it takes to read their articles. :/
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
True. I too wish the media was more trustworthy.
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
@BlueMetalChick: Me too. big shot. Guzrati. You ownt answer? Right?
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
My question is in regard to people's reasons for their choice. It's purpose is not to inform people on the candidate's platforms relating to foreign policy, socialized health care, budgeting, immigration, etc. If that makes me "big shot" then so be it. If you don't like the question don't answer. Simple. I guess when Kimmel or Conan sends out reporters to college campuses asking the same question, the are also deserving of being called names. Right?
PsychoArtist · 31-35, M
Trump. His Job is not a political clown who tries elighten us. His Job is Trump time!
firefall · 61-69, M
Clinton has policies I agree with: increasing minimum wage, improving/eradicating student loan system, amongst others. She will pick Supreme Court justices that are more likely to support decisions I see as desirable and just. I dislike her instincts for foreign adventures, but you can't have everything.
saintsong · 36-40, F
Trump may have a personality flaw, but he would make a great leader.
I agree with you 100% Clinton was a complete failure as Secretary of State. If she could not handle the job then. What makes people think that she can handle a job as president?
TexChik · F
I have many reasons to vote for Trump , but to stay with in the parameters of your request, I would say to resurrect a dead economy . 48 million live in poverty , hopelessness in minority communities lead to crime . Lowering the Corp tax rate from the worlds highest will entice businesses to return , as will his promise to throw out the stifling layers of regulations .. becoming energy independent and bringing back coal will revive the economies of several states , as well as stabilizing the Middle East and Russia. Repealing obama care and allowing insurance companies to compete nation wide will get a huge drain off of everyone's finances and improve health care...renegotiating our trade deals will bring jobs and money back to the US
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
Nice answer.
questionWeaver · 56-60, M
[b]Trump[/b] ...
He is pragmatic, stands above political correctness, has a path to a 4% GDP, has it spot-on about how to improve trade.

His economic intentions give the best chance of improving employment and the opportunity for many to get better jobs, raises and buy cool stuff.

His view on national security and law and order makes sense. It appeals to me to "get basic" security in place 1st.

He is much less likely to get involved in regulation of daily living ... he stands clearly for the principles of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The 1st president who has placed value on the pursuit of happiness.

... and I trust the guy
TexChik · F
@Windsylph: and it would be nice NOT to have a life long establishment politician that uses political office as a concierge for an illegal pay for play scheme for self enrichment. To not have someone that cuts corners or expects special considerations. Somebody that puts America first is what we need ... not someone destined to be handcuffed in the Oval Office .
Windsylph · F
@TexChik: Sadly, I don't believe we've found that person for this round of elections. Soft breezes to you TexChik
LadyBronte · 51-55, F
*applauds TexChik*
Windsylph · F
Keeping it ONLY positive, I "early voted" because in my opinion, Mrs Clinton is so [b]emininently qualified[/b] to conduct the business of the office of President. She is, in a word, presidential. If there were other choices of as vastly qualified candidates, I might choose differently; still I believe she is focused on making a better life for the disenfranchised and I admire her fierce dedication.
SW User
I agree with the majority of Clinton's policies. I also think she possesses the experience necessary - both peace and war time - for the job. She is far more respected as a professional globally.

She's being judged by a completely new set of parameters. This is the first must know-need to know-entitled to knowing election we've ever held. Everything from cocktail napkin notes to memorandums to people's phone calls are fair game. No one has had to brave those test flames yet and she's holding up through it all.
TexChik · F
Right ... now she's claiming that's she's better because she's a woman... your willingness to overlook massive corruption is disturbing ... just as in the watergate investigation , Hillary has been found to be corrupt and unfit for office
SW User
@TexChik: One, she has not been found to be corrupt or unfit for office by anyone but Trump and his followers.

I didn't say a word about corruption. I made the observation that privacy and elections have taken on new shape for the future.

Incidentally, even though Trump likes to compare the two, Watergate and Clinton's emails have nothing in common with each other. Apples and broccoli.

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