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Why do they abandon reason and logic?
Mary Colbert was a guest on The Jim Bakker Show, where she asserted that Satan is using the issue of climate change to distract humanity from the fact that the End Times are rapidly approaching.


Unbelievable. But this has been going on forever. Every time a hurricane hits, someone like Pat Robertson will claim it's the fault of "gays and feminists".

People who watch Fox Entertainment, Breitbart, etc. are bombarded with propaganda aggressively, day after day. They’ve been taught that education and intelligence are bad. They’ve been taught to fear and live in fear. This is a perfect combination for Medieval thinking...

I’m not saying I believe in God, or I don’t believe in God. I think people should believe whatever they like. I DO have a problem when others' beliefs are dangerous.

Do you believe this type of mindset is an anchor dragging America down?

A strong secular humanist public education for every child MUST be a Top 3 priority.
22-25, F
23 replies
Jun 12, 2019
hunkalove · 61-69, M
We are lost in a world of fear and hate. It's odd that someone would say Satan is distracting us with Climate Change. Looks like Climate Change might just be the end of the world.
QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
[@45528,hunkalove] Climate change is not the end of the world. Even human extinction is not in the cards.
I have been in feminism for a LONG time. And I still can't believe these people exist.

God is a more believable concept.
ozgirl512 · 22-25, F
Yeah... It's a race to the bottom!
Harriet03 · 36-40, F
hlpflwthat · M
Bakker the rapist was trained by Pat Robertson. He's as crooked a felon as can be.
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
The climate is changing. This winter was the harshest in history for the midwest. Record breaking lows. Yep, the climate is changing. its getting colder.
coolhandpeza · 51-55, M
[@449169,YourMomsTabooCrush] You sound almost as stupid as that idiot in the WH.
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
[@18451,coolhandpeza] Personal attacks ?? Stay classy, coolhandpeza.
coolhandpeza · 51-55, M
[@449169,YourMomsTabooCrush] It wasn't an attack , just an appraisal.
xixgun · M
You should actually watch Fox news before you make an assertion such as this, because it's wrong at best and a blatant lie at worst. Do I worship at the feet of Fox? Nope. I don't even have tv or cable, but I do know that they do not teach that "that education and intelligence are bad."

As far as the self proclaimed religious personalities that scream "the end is nigh", I've no idea of anyone who has ever watched them, certainly no one I've ever known.

While I admit that pollution can have an effect on the planet, I know with absolutely certainty that absolutely nothing can be done about it. Why? Because even so called fixes like the Paris Accord only apply their strong arm tactics to major world powers. They let less developed countries completely off the hook for their extremely capable contribution to planetary pollution. Either the entire planet works together, or no one does, because it is in fact an all or nothing scenario.

As it stands, I say climate change has always occurred. It's called weather.
hlpflwthat · M
[@777164,xixgun] There is no louder supporter of school vouchers, 'charter' schools & Betsy DeVos than FOX News. No one. All of them are enemies of a solid public education system. And I do watch FOX news.
xixgun · M
[@501695,hlpflwthat] [quote]And I do watch FOX news.
[/quote] Then where did you get your information? If you didn't get it firsthand, it's not information, but gossip.
nedkelly · M
Describe a new tax that will excite the lefties from the left - Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disturbance, and now the classic Global Emergency -
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
[@501695,hlpflwthat] New tax ?? Tariffs were first used by the United States in 1789. Educate yourself.
hlpflwthat · M
[@449169,YourMomsTabooCrush] Geez ... I don't know, Eddie. By your logic there could never be a new tax because the British were taxing Americans in 1760?

Glass houses and all that ... educate yourself.
This message was deleted by its author.
NorthernBear · 46-50, M
To be fair, some of what's attributed to Robertson was never said by him. It starts out as a joke satirizing him, folks who don't like him think he really said it and run with it. His allegedly saying god sent storms to punish gays comes to mind, it was a joke in [i]The Onion[/i]. I don't know about Bakker. I didn't even know he was back on the air. I had assumed that whole thing where it came out he was making extravagant purchases for himself with money earmarked for charity and had an affair with Jessica Hahn was the end of his career.
coolhandpeza · 51-55, M
People like her confirm that belief in religion and God is a form of mental illness.

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