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So the Mosque shooter was inspired by Trump - typical Left tactic to smear DT.
Inspired = meaningless

encouraged = ( a whole different story )
36 replies
Mar 15, 2019
Edited: 3 mths ago
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
Well he [i]did[/i] say "shoot up mosques pls" in his last speech
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] 🤷‍♂️i dont listen to him - how old was the shooter - 4 ?
imalonerdottieee · 31-35, F
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] wait what????!
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] [@845112,imalonerdottieee]

Privatehell · 46-50, M
No one is responsible for their actions but the shooters. All the rhetoric and stupidity needs to stop.
[@573519,Privatehell] But it wont - this is another weapon to blame DT on anything bad that happens to a Mus.
Muslim gets dry itchy skin - has to be Trump
Muslim gets dry the flu - has to be Trump
Muslim gets split ends - has to be Trump
QuixoticSoul · 31-35, M
Is anyone [i]actually[/i] saying that he was inspired by Trump? Who?
QuixoticSoul · 31-35, M
[@573853,tidywhites] What are you blabbering about exactly?
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] The shooter published a rambling manifesto (as they do) and mentioned Trump by name in passing. Hardly Making him one of Trumps disciples. But it might be embarrassing if Trump was embarrassed by such things.
tidywhites · M
He says explicitly he is not a conservative, saying “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

Tarrant says he’s “an actual fascist.”

“I am sure the journalists will love that,” he says, adding he considers himself “an Eco-fascist by nature.”

Tarrant also declares that the “nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.

I am sure the media and world leaders who were quick to jump on Trump will be just as quick to apologize. Right? 🙄

thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
Who tf is actual saying that?
lorne13 · 56-60, M
Typical alt right tactic to smear the left
thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
How fucking sad do u need to be to lie about this
thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
Wait wit? Honestly am pished and may be missing something. I'll take a look tomorrow
[@338462,thatscottishguy] dont bother
thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
N9 danger
Graylight · F
He mentioned him directly as an icon. Are you not inspired by your heroes?
Graylight · F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] Prove he's a billionaire, 'cause no one else can.
[@627992,Graylight] Na I cant - he's poor
Graylight · F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] Poor on so many levels it's sad.
PlumBerries · 26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]I am sure this will be the new thing for the left to blame on trump.. No one is responsible for the actions of another person[/c]
[@10586,PlumBerries] Pretty soon we are going to have best terrorist awards - they could thank all of their inspiration and people that caused them to do what they did.
PlumBerries · 26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]pass the blame to others, sure why not? that is the popular thing to do these days [/c]
tidywhites · M
jackson55 · M
They blame the weather on Trump, climate change is his fault.
[@15676,jackson55] Well - you are right they blamed Hurricane Katrina on Bush -
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