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I Admire Honesty And Sincerity

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The good thing about being honest and blunt is that you don't repress or hold back your thoughts... you express them freely... like free birds wanting to fly
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Mar 11, 2018
veeshalgreek · 26-30, M
Calipri · F
Azifficair · 51-55, M
Sometimes people say It's undiplomatic! Idk.
Calipri · F
[@662097,Azifficair] depends on the situation and the thoughts really.
Azifficair · 51-55, M
[@536386,Calipri] truth and honesty is just what it is, wrapping it up to be something its not is a lie! Maybe. Its just people don't like the truth, don't like the honesty that it requires, so who's at fault? The truthful person or the one that doesn't want it. idk.
Calipri · F
[@662097,Azifficair] of course it isn't about them, is about one being authentic. Impossible to please everyone. One can express oneself in a honest diplomatic way, yes some may not appreciate it, but if you are like that you can't be different
Uncle · 41-45, M
Honesty is the base of almost everything. Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust, no friendship or love. I believe that honesty and bluntness don't have to go together, though. Sometimes there is no other way, but one should be able to hold on to diverging opinions without offending or being offended.

That said, I tend to be assertive and express my thoughts with passion.
Uncle · 41-45, M
[@536386,Calipri] I feel that politeness and manners actually help a lot. They help making clear that you don't mean to be aggressive...
Calipri · F
[@691008,Uncle] one can be blunt and not necessary aggressive.
Uncle · 41-45, M
Yes, of course. One can also be blunt while being polite. If possible, that's the road I choose.
A person can be truthful and tactful so as not to intentionally hurt another's feelings.
[@536386,Calipri] I am saying that total honesty does not need to be revealed. Motivation is key in learning. If I discouraged students with the total truth would I ever give them a chance to prove me wrong?
Calipri · F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] could have told them in what they are failing, and tell them that they can improve, they can be better. I honestly don't see any harm in it.
What about someone that is in love with you but you just don't love them. Would you simply evade them ? I'd directly tell them... I just don't feel the same for you. That's way better than having them delusional
You do make a very good point.
With your eyes I am sure you have had many men infatuated by your presence.
I would say be direct about not reciprocating the feeling. You might add some of their positive qualities after making it clear that the love relationship didn't exist. My students trusted me and so in many ways were vulnerable to my input. Most of my thoughts were concealed about their skill level until they got grades!
DarkSky · 51-55, M
Hugosfbay · 26-30, M
It gets me into a lot of trouble 😂😂😂
Crushes · 18-21, F
True but you can be too blunt and too honest.
Crushes · 18-21, F
[@536386,Calipri] Both. I would not want to tell someone I care for her ass is too big. That's blunt and honest but also hurtful lol
Calipri · F
[@699700,Crushes] I don't mean that kind of honesty, well of course if they ask me. I mean most people know exactly how they look... Hehe. Worse knowing nobody is perfect... I mean honesty as expressing your feelings, thoughts, ideas, your own. Feelings and thoughts of gratitude, of disagreements. Variety of them. But it's hard to find people that will accept others opinions... without feeling bad. Hard
Crushes · 18-21, F
[@536386,Calipri] My friend actually told me something about me that was very from the heart and I appreciated the honesty. I think we are on the same page honestly.
SW User
That's how I roll 👍🏾
bLoOdtHirStY · 18-21, M
That's why I am happy guy😄 because I express myself... People love my presence too
But sometimes extra expressions 😁hehe
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I Admire Honesty And Sincerity
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