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So, biting.
My almost two-year old is in a biting phase it seems and she鈥檚 got a painful bite.

What do I do? How do I stop this? My older two never really had a biting phase.

She gets sad every time she does it once she realizes it hurts, and she cries and says sorry. 馃槥
26-30, F
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May 22, 2020
cherokeepatti61-69, F
I鈥檇 stick my finger in the corner of her mouth & tweek her cheek & say NO! every time she tried it. Breast-fed my daughter & the first time she clamped down on me I did that and she stopped it immediately. It wasn鈥檛 enough to hurt her but it didn鈥檛 feel good either.
Maybe get her a teething ring idk

My lil brother once went through a hitting phase .. he hit this pastors kid once.. but the kids mom was really understanding and said her other kids had went through a biting phase and she used to always be apologizing to everyone for it 馃槃

They just quit eventually idk
My little girl used to do that so when I'd notice her coming at me like she was gonna eat me I'd stick a lemon in her mouth to attack
TexChik36-40, F
I鈥檝e heard many moms say that you should bite than back . To
Let them know it hurts and that it鈥檚 not ok to hurt others
I'd cry ouch....and then pump the next feed in a bottle, and give it to him. It was good coz he had to start taking the bottle anyways.
StarLily46-50, F
Hello馃檪 So I work as a coach with social/emotional strategies and often work with biting toddlers! It's really good that she is displaying empathy and saying she's sorry... and also know that it's developmentally normal for a two year old to bite. Keep reminding her that 'teeth are not for biting... biting hurts'.
Here's a toddler friendly book by Elizabeth Verdick to support it.
Also we've had success with families using oral sensory necklaces. If you can anticipate when she might bite then encourage her to bite the necklace... instead of people.馃槵

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