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I Am In Pain

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I went to the gym on Wednesday and did more weight on every machine than I ever have before (it was leg day) and now I鈥檓 soooo sore 馃槱
22-25, F
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Dec 7, 2018
It you鈥檙e awesome for doing that ! A PR
amelia2222-25, F
[@377093,KnightMoves] thank you!!
millennialgrandpa26-30, M
I just strained my hamstring before from using the squat machine. I feel your pain 馃槗
amelia2222-25, F
[@855461,Leastimportantmemberoftheteam] Thankfully I鈥檓 not injured, just very sore 馃槄 mainly my glutes lol.
millennialgrandpa26-30, M
[@814059,amelia22] it's strangely satisfying feeling that next day burn.
Haha! Tone those glutes!
SoFine41-45, F
Then use the foam roller, if your gym has one. The best device to roll out tried hard worked muscles. If you don't have access to one, then hint to a friend or relative to buy you one for Christmas.

Your spine and hole body will benefit from a foam roller.
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I Am In Pain
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