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If a black or Hispanic candidate had joked about how he liked to grope women by the pussy, would Conservative folks have found it funny too?
35 replies
Nov 16, 2016
Seen this on Facebook about 30 times already 馃槾馃挙馃挙馃挙
@EarthlingWise: there's millions of conservatives... that's millions of different INDIVIDUALS.. remember them? Free thinking people?.... never mind
Well, let's say I'm addressing the nice crowd that is on SW.
@EarthlingWise: then people with a more crude sense of humour will find ways to make that stuff funny despite who they vote for
Deleted190036-40, M
They would still be considered human just the same.
You do realize you're not getting anywhere with this, right?
And your answer is?
Deleted190036-40, M
@EarthlingWise: I think she's saying your wasting your time.
I'm not trying to save the world, here, don't worry, I'm just asking a question.
Lol, they would've had them by the balls. Hypocrites.
dunpender80-89, M
There would have been much righteous indignation
Knowing the people that supported MrTrump, I don't doubt this.
funnywaterpipegirl80-89, F
We have all sinned!! I have drugged and raped with a dildo over 200 Men, but I go to Church so it is alright. Trump and Penice have both repented and been baptized, praise the Lord, they accept Jesus Christ as their saviors, amen!!
Justmerae51-55, F
It boggles the mind .They know damn well they would have had a fit about it. I am moderate that leans toward the conservative side of things a bit more than the liberal side and I can see it.
hami109136-40, F
I didn't find it funny when Mr. Trump said it, but I did not pretend to be shocked by the words of a man either. If a black or Hispanic candidate were running for president and said something that many many men have said and will continue to say, and I agreed with the things they were saying during their campaign (that has nothing to do with what he wanted to grab) or found them to be the less of two evils that were running for president. I wouldn't laugh at their uncouthness but they wouldn't lose my vote.

Heyitsme26-30, F
Some people still find him disgusting despite his skin color. 鈽
Isn't he cute though?
Heyitsme26-30, F
@dunpender: thankfully.
Heyitsme26-30, F
@EarthlingWise: 馃槺 are you kidding?!!! *Spits drink*
Wraithorn46-50, M
Well I as a person looking at the situation from the outside am a bit stunned . The USA is one of the most advanced nations in Earth. A 1st world country, but the person elected as their leader says things in public like you mentioned above.

Were the alternative choices really that bad that this man was the "best" choice ? Is this man a good example of a world leader who has maturity and an open mind ?

If an advanced race of beings arrived on Earth, would us Humans be proud to introduce him to them as one of our best leaders ?

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