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New Erotic F/F Story - Part One

The following story is for adults only and should not be read by or shown to anyone under eighteen. All characters in my stories are over eighteen and above the age of consent. As with most of my stories this one is F/F, so if that isn’t your thing please don’t waste your time. This is a three part story so you probably need to read each part in order

Part One

I don't really want another one, yelled Suzy over the loud house beats that seemed to reverberate around the packed dance floor. Decked out in her favorite skin tight jeans and brand new blue blouse, she could barely stop from moving her body to the tunes that the DJ unfurled upon them.

Her friends didn't appear to hear her over the deafening music, or simply chose to ignore her as her friend handed Suzy another cocktail. Suzy didn't really go to clubs all that often but her friends had dragged her along with them this time. Despite herself, Suzy found herself having a good time. It wasn't often that she had the chance to dance.

The cocktail tasted sweet but she knew it had quite a kick. It was a bit awkward holding the drink in her hand as she tried to sway to the music. Soon

Suzy wanted to put her glass down and get on with the dancing. However, Suzy's friends hadn't bothered to get a table and as a result she had no place to set her drink down. With a sigh, she lifted the glass to her lips and drained the cocktail before weaving her way through the crowd and placing her glass on the bar. As she walked, she felt the burn of the drink as it moved down her throat and her eyes started tearing as her system struggled to adapt to the alcohol. Suzy didn't drink very often at all and she generally had trouble holding her drink.

Shrugging off the effects of the cocktail, Suzy danced her way to the centre of the dance floor and shook her body with as much gusto as she could manage. Her vision was a bit blurry and Suzy knew she was drunk. The maze of people momentarily parted and a young girl shimmied and shook her way into Suzy's vision. Her cheeks were chubby and rosy and her thick eyeliner made her look pretty as she batted her long eyelashes at Suzy and flipped her hair back. She shook her ample bosom at Suzy and winked flirtatiously. Her tight red dress seemed to be painted onto her curvaceous figure and she beckoned to Suzy and winked again. In years to come, Suzy would blame the alcohol for her decision making, but at that moment her feet seemed to move of their own accord as she stepped up to the girl.

Grinding, swaying and dancing wildly, the two girls flipped their hair off their faces and got close, dirty dancing when they could and rubbing their bodies against each other. The people around hooted and cheered a bit but soon shifted their focus back to their own dance partners.

Suzy couldn't believe she was dancing like this with another girl but rational thought wasn't really playing a role in her decision making anymore. When the girl leaned forward and kissed her deeply, Suzy inhaled the sweet perfume of her temptress and returned the kiss. The girl broke off and grabbed Suzy's hand, tugging her through the crowd. Suzy followed her without even realizing she was doing so, and minutes later they were outside the club and kissing again.

After a bit of stumbling around, Suzy found herself in the back of a taxi and blinked to take in her situation. However, the young minx with her wasn't giving her much time to think things through. The girl resumed kissing Suzy and rubbed her breasts against her. Suzy tried to push her back, but her head was reeling from all the alcohol she had been drinking. The taxi journey didn't appear to be a long one and soon they were on the curb in front of a reasonably large house. The girl grabbed Suzy's hand and started dragging her towards the large mahogany door before slipping a key out from under a flower pot and sliding it into the keyhole. Suzy looked around the neighborhood nervously but the girl was tugging her hand.

"Wait, what's your name?" asked Suzy, struggling to slow things down.

I'm Anna," whispered the girl cheekily and dragged Suzy up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs, she kissed Suzy once again before pulling away and moving towards a door on the left, dragging Suzy along behind her.

"Wait," said Suzy, trying to be as quiet as possible and slow things down but she was inside the room now and the dratted girl was kissing her again. Suzy broke away from the kiss as she felt quick little fingers start undoing the buttons on her blouse.

"Wait, stop,'' cried Suzy a bit louder than what she intended. It was time to put a stop to this. The girl seemed to sense her reluctance but didn't stop. Instead she plunged her hands down the front of Suzy's tight jeans.

Suddenly the light came on, blinding them both and a loud voice nearly made Suzy jump out of her skin. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

A furious looking woman in her early forties glared at them in anger and Suzy tried to step away from Anna as quickly as possible. She realised that Anna's hands were still stuck inside her jeans and she tried to pull them out. Anna giggled and Suzy stared at her in surprise. The girl didn't seem to be perturbed by the situation at all. Instead of freaking out, she rubbed Suzy's clit and winked at her mischievously again.

"You terrible, terrible girls, what is the meaning of this! Is this how you behave?" asked the woman at the doorway. She was fully dressed and her glasses only served to highlight the look of rage in her eyes.

Suzy finally managed to pull Anna's hands out of her pants and was staring at the woman fearfully. "It's not what it looks like," stuttered Suzy in a voice which was higher pitched than usual. Even as she said it, Suzy realised how ridiculous her statement sounded. She had been caught red handed with a girl's hands in her knickers.

"Oh, is it? You dirty girl! How dare you lay your hands on my daughter! She's only 17 and you are obviously much older. I'm calling the police," yelled the enraged woman.

Suzy raised her hands in shock, attempting to pacify the furious older woman. "Wait, please don't call the police. This is all a mistake!`` She exclaimed.

"So it's a mistake that my daughter's lipstick is smeared on your lips and her hands were inside your knickers is it? I'm calling the police you dirty girl," accused the woman and stepped towards the phone which was on a small table next to the door.

"No. Please don't call the police. I'm so sorry, Ma'am. Please let me go home. I'll do anything, just please don't call the police," pleaded Suzy. She realised the seriousness of the situation as she was caught with a young girl. At 28, she was 11 years older than this girl and her parents were going to be furious when they found out. Also, Suzy realised that this was a serious problem with a very young girl.

"No, I'm calling the police. That should teach you a lesson. You need to be punished for what you have done," said the girl's mother, picking up the phone.

"Wait, why don't you punish me instead," said Suzy, desperately as she clutched at straws to save herself.

Anna's mother paused and glared at Suzy, but Suzy could see that she was considering it. "Punish me in any way you see fit, but please don't call the police," said Suzy emphatically, doing her best to convince the woman.

The older woman pursed her lips and after a bit of thought, she finally placed the receiver of the phone back on its cradle and Suzy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Very well. I'll consider it," said Anna's mother. She glared at her daughter before addressing her.

"Young lady, go and clean up and join me later, while I deal with this... person... you brought home with you," she said, pausing to look disdainfully at Suzy as she indicated to her.

"Ok, mum," said Anna before cheekily winking at Suzy, who glared back in response. As far as Suzy was concerned, it was all this young girl's fault.

Once Anna went into what Suzy perceived to be a bathroom, the lady of the house focused her attention back on Suzy.

"Follow me," she ordered before turning and striding out of her daughter's pink-walled bedroom.

They walked along the landing to another room at the far end of the house. Suzy presumed this to be the main bedroom and followed the woman inside. The bedroom was tastefully furnished, with dark black curtains and a striped bedspread.

Anna's mother turned to face Suzy and placed her hands on her hips. "You are a poor example to my daughter and to women all around the world, you know that. You are irresponsible and you need to be taught a lesson," she scolded. "What is your name?"

"Suzy," replied Suzy and stared at the floor as though hoping it would open up and swallow her so that she wouldn't have to face this berating.

"Right. Suzy, take off your jeans," said the woman imperiously as she glared at her.

"I'm sorry, what?" asked Suzy in surprise.

"You heard me young lady, GET THEM OFF," yelled Anna's mother angrily.

Suzy jumped a bit at the sudden scolding. "I.. I..," she stuttered, but she couldn't think of anything to say. Suzy remembered that she had offered to receive punishment instead of being reported to the police and her parents. She stepped out of her shoes and tentatively glanced at the older woman's face, but there was no sign of her relenting. Suzy sighed in defeat and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zip and tugged the tight garment down her legs. It was only when she stepped down to pick it up that she realised that her blouse was still partially unbuttoned after her encounter with Anna and her black bra was on display. She blushed and placed both her hands in front of her crotch to cover her exposed pink knickers.

Anna's mother extended her hand and Suzy placed her jeans in them. Anna's mother walked over to her closet and placed them inside neatly. She came back and sat on the bed. "Come here," she ordered. Suzy walked over meekly. "From now on, you will refer to me as Mrs. Cain or Ma'am when you're addressed. Is that clear?"

Suzy nodded. "Yes Ma'am," she replied. The older woman grabbed her hand firmly and pulled Suzy firmly over her lap.

"Wait. ``What are you doing?" asked Suzy in surprise. "Oww!" Suzy shrieked as a sharp slap landed on her panty-covered bottom.

Suzy was shocked, not just by the swift forcefulness Mrs. Cain displayed in taking her over her knee but by the painfulness of the spanks.

"Oww!" Suzy grimaced and yelled as a second potent blow landed on her well-padded behind, followed quickly by a third and a fourth.

"Owww! Ouch! I'm sorry! Oww" yelled Suzy loudly. A fifth and a sixth slap landed squarely on her arse before Anna's mother paused. When she felt the tug on her knickers, Suzy started struggling. Another resounding smack made her yell again.

"Oww!" Suzy yelled as she tried to wiggle around and face her tormentor.

"Sit still, young lady," ordered Mrs. Cain before tugging on Suzy's knickers again. This time Suzy controlled herself and did her best not to struggle. She blushed as she felt her knickers slide off her bottom and get pulled down her legs, and pulled off her completely.

"Ouch, oooh!" yelled Suzy as the next smack landed on her bare bottom. Suzy was always a bit self conscious of her arse. For a slim girl with a five foot frame, her arse was big, round and unusually large. As a result, it also presented a large target.

"Smack!" came the unrelenting sound of the hand landing on her large backside.

"Yeow! Fuck!" yelled Suzy in response, starting to struggle a bit now.

"I won't have language like that in my house young lady! We'll have to fix that," said Mrs. Cain sternly before resuming the spanking.

Suzy gasped and yelped with every blow to her tender, quivering buns. Her round, swelling buttocks burned as if she were sitting in a bowl of hot water. Her face burned as well with the humiliation of her situation. Here she was, a grown woman, taking a sound spanking like a child would. The humiliation was overwhelming and the spanks smarted terribly.

"Slap!" came the sharp sound and Suzy yelped.

"Owww! Yeoww!" yelled Suzy as Mrs. Cain gave her what for.

Anna's mother spanked her fiercely, and as the pain splattered into Suzy's buttocks she began to writhe and groan. The pain was unbelievable and the indignity was worse still. Her white buttocks quickly turned rosy red and stung terribly. Her squeals and yelps became yells and she struggled to contain tears that welled in her eyes. Thankfully, Mrs. Cain stopped before she could shed any tears and embarrass herself more.

End of Part One

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