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Would you slap me in the face if your spouse asked you to?
22-25, F
18 replies
Sep 23, 2019
No, my wife can slap you if she deems it necessary
Prettybratbitch22-25, F
[@777164,xixgun] then her hands get cut off
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] My wife was an interrogator in Iraq. I would just take the slap if you were smart
SW User
I don't hit women, but if she hit you and you tried to hit her back I'd restrain you from hurting her.
Prettybratbitch22-25, F
[@663504,hyg346] how unfair you'd let her hit me and restrain me 馃槺
SW User
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] sorry, loyalty :(
[@663504,hyg346] lol
Beatbox3426-30, M
Why would I slap you when I wouldn't be talking to you if I have a spouse.
No. I can鈥檛 imagine being married to anyone who鈥檇 ask me to hit a total stranger or anyone else, for that matter.
Not married so...nope.

In fact if I were married its not his business, now is it?

Lucky U I'm a pacifist.馃槣
ViciDraco36-40, M
No. I'm not a violent person. Nor do I have a spouse
Kingfish2826-30, M
I'd do it without motive.
Prettybratbitch22-25, F
[@812868,kingfish27] I thought we were buddies 馃槶馃槶
hami109136-40, F
Why would he want me to slep you? That makes no sense, and no because I don't go around slapping random people.
SW User
No. That'd probably hurt my hand more than your face anyway. 馃様
SW User
I always dated calm and violence-free men so I doubt if he would even ask me to but let's say he does then I will .. I mean what am I to lose

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