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If your manager makes a joke about keeping you only because finding a replacement is hard, what would you do ?

There’s some truth in every joke.
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
Work harder,not saying right solution,just be my reaction
Strawb · 22-25, F
[@1219236,Rachael1967] I don’t even have a good pay.
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
[@1214988,Strawb] I dont go by pay,as I took the job,but you cannot please bosses that will not be pleased,as I have learned from experiened. So,sometimes my solution backfired.
If you can look for another job.
Signals · M
For me personally I’d find another job
No need for snide comments like that
Strawb · 22-25, F
[@1148565,Signals] 😔😟
Peaceful · F
Smile and say, I know I'm irreplaceable. Then ask for a raise. 😝
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
At one job those that were left knew this was true. For three months straight we worked because they could get no one else to do it. Especially no one at the main office.

They had me going to three different sites every day. And paid me milage for every trip.
Strawb · 22-25, F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] Issue is managers look for perfect little minions. It’s to a point where my hard work doesn’t get noticed because nothing is enough. I can’t wait to leave this place honestly. I’ve been looking for elsewhere but finding a new job is not that easy. I just want a place where my value is not taken for granted. You know after my manager made his joke, my second manager actually told him to not joke like that cause he might regret it later. And he will. Cause i’ll be out as soon as i find better
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@1214988,Strawb] it was nothing but managers at our main office! And why they didn't want to go out into the field!

You'll be lucky to find such a gem where the managers will not take the credit for your own hard work. The managers are the last to go and the first to take credit for others hard work.
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
You could give him one of these🖕😂
Northwest · M
Look for another job?
He likes you..
What was it the pirate said in that movie..
Night Wesley, good work today.. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning...
but never did..
Fluffybull · F
Look for a job where you are appreciated and not abused ❤️
Strawb · 22-25, F
[@602378,Fluffybull] Yes, I want to.
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
Take their job off them.Promotion for me and unemployment for them.
Lilnonames · F
I tell him only reason i stay is because hes needy
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
That's a compliment for now.
Ask for a pay rise

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