I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
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It is booked...

Yeah... next Tuesday evening, I will be getting my first dose of the vaccine!!!

After all that and giving up, my soon to be ex convinced me to try one last time - and I got the place that I always wanted and a suitable time, too. My mother has already agreed to take me to be vaccinated.
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Still hope you'll be ok. 馃ズ The vaccines have been tested for a short time only and I think there is a risk that they'll be dangerous for the long term. 馃ズ
[@421598,Becksta] I know you did. I'm mostly worried about ADE, an effect that can occur with vaccines for coronavirusses (and some other too). It basically means an overreaction to being infected with the virus after being vaccinated for some time.

Can you chech whether you already had it? I think they have lab tests for that.

Do you expect bad stuff in the long term anyway?

If your body has health issues a bad reaction is certainly not unthinkable.
[@444927,Classified] I've already lived for longer than they said I would anyway... the way that things are going, I'll be dead in another twenty years from now.

My health is bad and getting worse.
[@421598,Becksta] I hope you continue to defy their expectations. 馃
Yayyyy 馃挄
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
Yay, finally good news!
I always feel so bad reading all this even though I never met your soon to be ex or you. Relationships breaking apart is one of the worst trauma in human life.
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] No, one of the worst traumas in life is the eighteen years of abuse that they both subjected me to. I'm still not sure how to integrate back into normal life fully after that.

For eighteen years now, I've had him with me close to 24 hours a day. You can't just yank away that type of control and expect me to just *PING* back into the life of an average woman who's had the freedoms that I haven't.

Just yesterday, I was outside talking to my mother and my big brother when a former friend walked down the street... we were pretty close eighteen years ago - but I was isolated from him and my other friends when I met my soon to be ex.

Anyway, my soon to be ex had to break up the conversation to point out that he's walking down the street and trying to create shit where there's no shit - because of some idea that the guy tried to talk to me when I didn't hear him shout anything.

I just don't get why a dude can't walk down the street without a problem anymore. I don't acknowledge him because I can't... I don't want the inevitable shit storm that will result if I as much as say "Hello" to him.

I shouldn't be left feeling that the only choice I have left is to run - and run as hard as I can... cutting contact with my family and everything that I have here.
[@421598,Becksta] hope things work out well for you

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I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
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