I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
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A live and let live attitude towards preventive measures is quite common.

But here's the thing: I live close to a hospital and yesterday I saw 8 ambulances within 2 hours with lights and sirens, driving slowly away from the hospital. This was clearly a transfer of critical patients to another hospital because this one was full to the brim.

Those sirens hit me to the bone, so excuse me for being passionate about containing the virus, which we can only do together. Live and let live doesn't work in this situation. If you don't do your part, the result is live and let die as those sirens made painfully clear.

On a side note: I prefer the term physical distancing over social distancing, because my online social life has never been as active as this year. I know it's not the same, but not visiting each other doesn't mean you can't spend time together or can't "live a little".
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I think people are distancing. The increase in numbers is due to protests.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@14748,Zebrawl] Infection risk isn't that high outside, but in undermining the support base for preventive measures is a major contributing factor indeed.

I hope you're right that 99% is distancing though. We'll see how people behave during Thanksgiving and Black Friday and what the numbers are going to do in 2-3 weeks.
HannahSky · F
Becoming worse every day 🙏
Leggs · 46-50, F
The only time I am around people is at work. I do have a room mate but our schedules don't allow for much interaction. So most of my hours are wasted sitting alone in my room or shopping or doing whatever alone.

Also interesting that in years past it was common for a lot of people to say exactly what I am right here about not having a social life. Yet suddenly, there are all these social gatherings causing some virus to spread?

It is like too many of us were lonely before and now they want the lucky ones who DID enjoy a social life to isolate and interact only over a damn computer?

It makes about as much sense as telling a starving country to not eat too much.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] I know you're not going out, but there are still people who do and I just can't wrap my mind around the selfishness of that.
Leggs · 46-50, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] Alright look, I know there are things in your own life that you would not give up no matter what it would cost to whom. Now think, if someone were telling you to give it up for someone else's benefit, suddenly you might think, "Hell with them! I want to enjoy life!"
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] well yes, in some cases. But not when it's something I enjoy rather than need vs tens of thousands of literal lives.
Leggs · 46-50, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] You do know that some people are blowing things out of proportion? Look man, you are worrying too much. Even if you do personally get it, you will survive, you won't be crippled, your life will go on. You may have it now or HAVE had it and didn't even know. Same with all of us.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] listen, I personally know tens of people who have long COVID and hear about their struggles daily. If I get that on top of my current health issues, it's time for euthanasia. It's that simple.

That doesn't mean I'm scared, but it makes me sad to see this group grow unnecessarily and often without fault of their own, every day, only because others dismiss the fact that this completely ruins lives or think a 10% of having to give up everything you once loved are good odds.

I know what chronic fatigue is like and wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy, let alone in combination with the other lifelong issues.
[@1073121,Leggs] how can you call this blowing things out of proportion. There are many vulnerable people to this illness, they and their loved ones are concerned. You have no right telling [@1125975,PhpPhoenix] that he will be fine if he gets it.

Have you any idea how hard our doctors or nurses are working?
Long covid is a real threat to people's wellbeing.
bookerdana · M

Well,lets party hardy,mate!

I have not only been masking up😷,I glove up🤚✋ since before it was mandated..as most ppl around here ....but you can see that it causes a certain "cabin fever",a claustrophobia no matter how necessary and prudential.

I appreciate the online community but I yearn foor the day when I can co-mingle with my fellow man,and breathe the air of true freedom🇺🇸

and i wish I could scratch my nose...peace!
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@335376,bookerdana] I think everyone's tired of this situation, but that's exactly why we ALL need to be careful.

[@1073121,Leggs] the virus is harmless on your hands as it can't penetrate the skin, but it is dangerous when it gets into your nose or eyes. If you have it in your hands and touch your face, you can bring it from a harmless place to a dangerous one.
Leggs · 46-50, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] Okay, so here is part of why some people have said "hell with it".
So for the extroverts, they are being told to stay away from people, that is one thing but then they want to tell us to not even touch our own faces? That is asinine and not a sustainable solution.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] not touching your face is only for your own protection. If you're alone and your hands are clean, touch away!
Classified · M
It's easy for me to go into this isolation mode with an online social life, so I do. But some people get really serious mental health issues because of it. It's really tough on them.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] another thing is that if the virus is let loose, most people won't get access to treatment anymore. Predictions say this will make the fatality rate rise to 50%. So called long COVID leads to severe disability in 10% of infected people and some permanent organ damage even happens in 70% of cases.

Letting the whole world population (roughly 8 billion) get infected therefore means:
- 4,000,000,000 deaths
- 400,000,000 severely disabled
- 2,800,000,000 people with organ damage

Does it even matter what health threats come next in a world like that?
Leggs · 46-50, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] They used to say the same things about HIV. I know you were not around in the 80's but I was. I have seen this all before.

It sounds to me like you are getting carried away with your fears.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1073121,Leggs] I'm not afraid, just cautious. And I understand it has been said before, but a virus that spreads by being in the same room is quite different from one you can only catch by having sex.
some patients become what they call... long haulers
some need to learn to walk again
the virus has caused long term struggles
others don't even get sick
better to stay on the safe side
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@1077581,ammelee] yes, long COVID is no joke. Most of the people who don't recover within two weeks are unlikely to ever recover.

But hey, Thanksgiving is no fun with only your own family, so what are you going to do, right? I honestly can't believe people would get together with other families if they properly understood the risks, but as they don't, there will be another wave with tens of thousands new disabled people that could have been prevented.
Health wishes to one and all in this community.

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