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🐇 🐿 Hello, Similar Worlds! 🐤 📸

The SW Team is pleased to announce the release of Photo Albums and other exciting features!


[big]• Photos 📷 [/big]

Users could already manage their photos with some very basic options, but we have finally implemented a set of many other features/settings.

• [b]Basic Functionality[/b] - Delete a Photo or Set as Profile Photo functions are still available

• [b]Photo Description[/b] - any free text that is displayed below your photo

• [b]Rotate Photo[/b] - you can rotate any photo left or right

• [b]Download Photo[/b] - easily download your own photos -- this is not available to other people's photos

• [b]Photo Comments[/b] - comments and nested replies are available to Photos - very similar to how they operate in group posts

[big]• Photo Albums 📒 🖼 [/big]

Albums allow you to organize your photos the way you want.

• [b]Photo Uploader[/b] - we have now a Photo Uploader, where you can easily select/create an album and upload bulk photos

• [b]Take Photo with Camera[/b] - want to share a photo of a nice place you are, or simply a photo of your smile? Just take a photo with your phone, directly from Similar Worlds, and put on your albums!

• [b]Sort Photos and Albums[/b] - you can change the order of the photos in your albums, and sort the albums themselves; you can also [b]move photos[/b] from one album to another


Please note that the following features are not supported on iPhone:

- Download Photo button
- Take Photo with Camera (also not supported on MacOS)

Since we launched Similar Worlds, we have found that most users (90%) that have issues with using our website are using an iPhone. Many of the problems can be worked around (and we spend a lot of time fixing things for iPhone users), and while we try our best to support every device, unfortunately some things are simply not possible to implement on iPhones.

[big]• New Rating Levels - Family Safe and Nudity 🎈 [/big]

You should set the Rating Level of the Albums and/or Photos individually: Family Safe, Non-Adult, Mildly Adult, Adult or Nudity.

The highest Rating Level between an Album and Photo wins. For example, if a Photo is marked "Non-Adult" in an Album that is marked as "Adult", the Photo will be seen as "Adult" (and vice-versa).

With the introduction of the Nudity level, users are now allowed to post images that contain [c=#BF0000][b]mild nudity[/b][/c]. [b]Please note that we do not allow any pictures with sexually explicit material.[/b]
[c=#BF0000][b]Under NO circumstances we will allow pictures of naked children or minors.[/b][/c]

[u]We also do not allow profile pictures with nudity.[/u]

If you see any picture that is not marked as Nudity, please feel free to use the Report Abuse button and select the first option: [i]"Nudity content, but not marked as such"[/i].
If this option is not available, that means that the post is already marked as Nudity.

[big]• New Album Limits and Special Albums 🎚 [/big]

Until today, users could only have a total of 250 photos (1000 for VIP) as the sum of all their albums.
However, we found that these limits are not optimal, and many times inconvenient.

So, the albums now operate the following way:

[b]Private Album[/b] - An album that only you can view. This album will be available to you when you want to share some photo in a Private Message.

Maximum Photos in the [b]Private Album[/b]: 250 for non-VIP users / 1000 for VIP users

[b]Post Images[/b] - An album that only you can view. This album will be available to you when you want to share some photo in a Story/Question/Comment, or when you upload a Profile Picture.

Maximum Photos in the [b]Post Images Album[/b]: 1000 for non-VIP users / 5000 for VIP users

[b]Any other Custom Album[/b] - Any other albums that you can create, control the privacy, maturity, etc... These albums are visible to other users.

Maximum Photos in your [b]Custom Albums[/b] (sum of all custom albums): 250 for non-VIP users / 1000 for VIP users

In summary, we have now [b]separated the limits[/b] between the Private Album, Post Images and Custom Albums, allowing our users to have more freedom and contents.

We've also improved the user-interface of album-related panels to help users understand better how to use them.

[big]• Revised Report Abuse options ☠ [/big]

We have carefully revisited all of the Report Abuse options.

We felt that some situations were missing, and some were not very clear. Plus, we felt that some of the options needed some further explanation.

We hope that you like these changes, and if you think some option is missing, please let us know!


Thank you for your support and we hope you stay with us.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards,
- The SW Team
26-30, MAdmin
109 replies
Apr 18, 2017
Shutterbug · 51-55, M
Cool....looking forward to the pics
Shutterbug · 51-55, M
So I take it, that you can limit the privacy to some albums to just your circle...
Keepitsimple · 46-50, F
Thanks for your work on the site! We know you're working hard!
THat is great. The team deserves much credit for bring SW a long was since Apr 21, 2016. And the adult level will please many- But it also has to be seriously monitored by SW admin-as abuses will be tested.

Also it is rime to import the content of EP, by former members, to this place. At least the ones that asked for that. We have waited long enough.

Lastly, make FREE the ability to see who was on your page, and NOT a VIP option. It was never charged for on EP. It was just part of the site's service. Many of us old timers do NOT understand that charge.

Keep up the good work-I know it can be daunting. And some have felt the site was a bit stagnant as of late in implementing changes and improvements. This should change those perceptions.
LastingSunshine · 18-21, F
lol please don't go VIP 😂
But still, I can't stalk people here because who knows? They might be hiding their VIP badge... plus I learned a lesson now
@LastingSunshine: No- iam not going VIP. There are not enough benefits for that. I can stalk as well-and leave others wondering. BUT--they can hide that badge.

Which I think should NOT BE ALLOWED- as it is very disingenuous.
LastingSunshine · 18-21, F
All true stuff 👍🏻
Thanks Nuno! Great job!
LiMustache · 31-35
yay cool
ChasingBrainBros · 31-35, M
Thanks for the continued hard work. It's much appreciated.
Babylon · F
Thank you Nuno. I now have my otter album :)

LiMustache · 31-35
@Babylon: yay
CoffeeFirst · 51-55, F
@Babylon: That otter make you very happy! --DW
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
[@406205,Babylon] You're so adorable! Lol I love your personality.
Fungirlmmm · 46-50, F
Saw it and like it.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
Thank you for making the photo changes. Photos of real live human beings should always be welcome, and you have allowed we humans beings to be shared.

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