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How do I stop her?
Had a big argument with friend/sitter. I got angry at her distant and hostile attitude after I got together with a new woman and introduced them to my child. She supported me through the separation and says that I was sobbing over my wife and then 2 weeks later was with someone new, how can you be healed? But this new woman is just amazing and I could not be happier.

Friend said she can no longer sit for me. I am now terrified she will tell my ex wife everything I have said about her and show her the texts from the early days when I would text my friend very angry messages about my ex. My ex and I are on good terms now and I know this would be disastrous. What can I say to her to stop her telling/showing my ex what I have been saying?
31-35, M
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Apr 10, 2019
Bitches. Amirite?
irememberhername · 31-35, M
You can’t. Psycho women love this shit. Maybe just tell your ex that you said some bad stuff about her when you split up cos you was in a bad place if she mentions anything. And if she is shown messages of you being angry then apologising is all you can do. Sadly there’s not much else that can be done but don’t worry about it
BluePlanet · 31-35, M
[@635774,irememberhername] The texts are pretty bad 😐
That’s a tough one. This woman wasn’t really your friend, or she’d be happy that you are healing and that someone nice came into your life. The only thing you might do is get out in front of it, if you really think she might betray your trust and explain to the ex that you trusted this woman when you were vulnerable; in a great deal of pain over the breakup. I do wonder why the “friend” is taking your new relationship so personally ? Is it possible that [b]she[/b] was hoping to be next ? 🤔
BluePlanet · 31-35, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] She thinks it was too soon. I was crying over my ex and then 2 weeks later by chance I met someone perfect and we are extremely happy.
[@890858,BluePlanet] Even if she thinks so, it doesn’t explain why she’s so [b]upset[/b] about it. I guess if were concerned about a friend moving too fast, I’d say so—but then I’d trust that it was his decision and hope for the best. I wouldn’t get angry. And I certainly wouldn’t take it out on the child by removing that extra bit of stability in his or her life.
BluePlanet · 31-35, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] She says that if it does end, I will fall twice as hard as she feels I haven't healed from my marriage ending.
I know she feels I went about it all really fast in terms of introducing my child too and feels they will get hurt.

I also know she feels used as I was leaning on her daily and very upset until I met my new partner who turned everything around for me.
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